The story begins in 2006, when SUPER GEE and PÁL VáCZI started the “ACE IS GOD” band. To start with, the band played numbers by KISS’s legendary guitarist ACE FREHLEY. They played to great success both at home and abroad, at festivals and other venues. In August 2009, they won the first prize at the “Dobrota Fest” festival, held in Prihrazy, near Prague in the Czech Republic.


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The band’s appearance changed in 2010, when they first played in full KISS makeup and costumes. At the same time, the band also changed its focus, with the ACE FREHLEY songs taking more of a back seat and more well-known KISS hits coming to the fore.

This seemed a good time to change the band’s name and thus from 2010 they have been known as KISS WORLD.

After a couple of changes in the line-up, they now have the perfect group: the two original members remain, SUPER GEE taking the role of KISS frontman, rhythm guitarist and vocalist PAUL STANLEY (STARCHILD), and PÁL VÁCZI taking on the persona of lead guitarist, ACE FREHLEY (SPACE ACE). ZSOLT VÉRTES is transformed into bass guitarist and vocalist GENE SIMMONS (THE DEMON), while István Gróf becomes drummer PETER CRISS (CATMAN).

On stage, KISS WORLD recreate the distinctive KISS sound and appearance. In their spectacular concerts, they play all the great KISS hits e.g., I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU; CRAZY, CRAZY NIGHTS; ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE; GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU; DETROIT ROCK CITY.


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